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We are redefining the business of mowing.

Yeoman Power has specialized in garden tools and lithium OPE industry, relying on the comprehensive sets of industrial base, developed into the R&D, design, production, sales as one of the industry's core competitiveness of science and technology innovative enterprises.

YEOMAN brand is committed to providing digital, green, intelligent system solutions, accelerate the R&D of intelligent garden robots, based on the upgrading of AI technology route and the innovative application of new energy, a wide range of empowering home and major commercial usage scenarios.

Yeoman Power, 

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How Yeoman power garden tool was born?

In the early 2000s, a spark of innovation ignited within our company, leading to the development of our first gasoline brush cutter. Since then, our commitment to innovation has been unwavering, propelling us to tackle the challenges of employment, product sales, and earning customer trust. With each successful sales mission and the consistent endorsement of our clients, we aspired to elevate our production capabilities and competitiveness.

Values &

Living Yeoman’s Values

In the year 2012, we set our sights on the global stage, embarking on an international trade journey. Recognizing that businesses must play a broader role in societal development, we sought to address global challenges such as labor shortages, climate change, and the pursuit of human sustainable development.

Innovation In Our DNA

Fast forward to the year 2020, we shifted our focus to intelligent robotic solutions, marking a new chapter in our story. Through breakthroughs in remote operation, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and slope assistance, we embraced the future of technology with open arms.

Our Narrative is Far From Complete

There are still numerous chapters to be written. As we continue to navigate the evolving landscape of innovation, our vision extends beyond the horizon of today.With each passing day, our team grows stronger, and our manufacturing capabilities more robust. This growth, coupled with our unwavering commitment to addressing global challenges, propels us into the forefront of the industry.

Join us on this journey, where our collective efforts aim not only to redefine the industry but also to contribute to a more sustainable world.
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