Advantages and disadvantages of agricultural sprayer


It is a common pest control measure to use plant protection machinery to spray drugs on crops. Plant protection machinery generally refers to agricultural machinery that sprays chemical pesticides to control plant pests and weeds and uses physical methods to control diseases and pests and drive away birds and animals. At present, common plant protection machinery mainly includes spray, powder sprayer and cigarette sprayer, Among them, agricultural spray is a kind of plant protection machinery that disperses liquid and is a kind of pesticide application machinery. It is generally called spray driven by manpower, spray driven by power (engine, electric ), and spray is divided into hydraulic, pneumatic and centrifugal spray according to the working principle.

Agricultural spray can be roughly divided into three categories according to their power forms: manual, electric and motorized. With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, some new types of spray have emerged in recent years. For example, the manual spray family has a high-pressure self-locking automatic spray, whose working efficiency can be comparable to the backpack mobile spray. The mobile spray family has added: hand push, vehicle mounted, stretcher and other highly professional spray, which have irreplaceable advantages under specific working conditions.

Types of sprayer and their advantages and disadvantages

The spray industry is also constantly introducing new products, and the number of manufacturers is increasing. Different styles and power products are also emerging one after another, so what are the characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of each of these products?

1.Ordinary hand spray: advantages: low price. Convenient maintenance with low prices for accessories. Disadvantages: Low efficiency, high labor intensity, not suitable for large-scale operations. The medicine liquid has the phenomenon of running, emitting, leaking, and dripping, and the operator is prone to getting wet by the medicine liquid, which is not environmentally friendly. The maintenance rate is relatively high.

2.Gasoline spray:

Advantages: Powerful, it can be used for a long time after refueling, and it does not need to be charged for a long time like the electric spray.
Easy to operate, basically no installation required, follow the instructions to operate.
The maintenance cost is low, and the accessories of gasoline agricultural spray are relatively few, so ordinary accessories on the market can be replaced.
High working efficiency, good spray effect.

Disadvantage: Unable to achieve large-scale farming operations.

3.High pressure automatic spray: advantages: high efficiency (up to 4 times of ordinary hand spray), low labor intensity, and continuous operation. The maintenance rate is the lowest with fewer vulnerable parts, and there is basically no usage cost. The atomization reaches or exceeds the electric spray, and the direct spraying distance reaches 7 to 11 meters. Disadvantages: It takes about two minutes for the spray to press the liquid medicine into the spray before spray. The use method is different from that of other spray. It can only be used well after reading the instructions.

4.Electric spray: advantages: high efficiency (up to 3 to 4 times of ordinary hand spray), low labor intensity, and convenient use. It gives a good first impression and is easy to sell. Disadvantages: The capacity of the battery determines the continuous operation time of the spray. There are too many brands, different models, and accessories that are not universal. Maintenance is not easy, repair costs are too high, water pumps are prone to damage, and maintenance costs are high. Due to the involvement of some electrical components, they must be repaired by professional personnel.

Electric Backpack Sprayer

The Development Status of Global Plant Protection Machinery

Developed industrial and agricultural countries such as Europe, America, and Japan attach great importance to modernizing agricultural machinery. The industrial modernization in plant protection is developing rapidly. The important characteristics of their plant protection machinery are mainly large and medium-sized, adopting a complex design that integrates electricity, machinery, and fluid. The design is beautiful, reliable, easy to operate, and adaptable. At the same time, these countries widely use modern advanced manufacturing technology and modern control technology in the design and manufacturing process of plant protection machinery The high-tech of microelectronics and information technology has gradually led to the development of its products towards high reliability, convenience, and safety in use, as well as high environmental protection in pesticide application operations. It is reported that some spray factories produce spray of various specifications with medicine box capacities ranging from 24L to 3000L, and the specifications are quite complete. The service life of the sprayer is three times longer than that of ordinary steel sprayers. In particular, the automatic balance mechanism of the spray bar and the sensitive anti drip device are equipped to adapt to the undulating terrain, so that the product not only has reliable performance, but also greatly improves its adaptability to the horizon, Asia and other regions have a large market share.

Israel is a country with early drying, low rainfall, and severe water scarcity. Based on its geographical characteristics, Israel has developed computer-controlled sprinkler and drip irrigation systems that can automatically irrigate crops in a timely and appropriate amount according to their water needs and soil moisture during their growth and development period. At the same time, it can also assist in the application of liquid fertilizers and pesticides to prevent diseases and pests, minimize water evaporation and waste, and greatly improve the comprehensive utilization rate of resources such as water, fertilizers, and pesticides.

In recent years, the United States has begun to use high and new technologies such as satellite global positioning system (GPS) for monitoring operations on agricultural equipment such as spray, and foreign plant protection machinery has shown a trend towards intelligence, precision, and opto electromechanical integration.

Backpack Sprayer

Precautions when using an agricultural sprayer

  1. Protection Professional personal protective equipment, including gloves, masks, goggles, etc., shall be worn when the gasoline spray is used for spraying. To effectively reduce accidents and concerns during pesticide application operations.
  2. When spraying for environmental protection, attention should be paid to controlling the dosage of pesticides to avoid harm to the environment and human health. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid areas such as water sources, drinking water sources, and nearby residential areas to minimize the impact on the environment.
  3. Maintenance When using the gasoline spray engine, pay attention to timely maintenance to avoid mechanical failure. At the same time, you can choose to go to a professional manufacturer for repair or replacement of the body. It can save investment, improve usage efficiency, and extend the service life of the machine.


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