Hedge Trimmer Common Safety Knowledge

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In spring, plants transition from a dormant period in winter to a frenzied growth period, which is the golden season for pruning. Fine pruning and shaping of hedgerows can regulate plant growth and promote the strength of weak parts. At this time, a set of hedge trimmers is essential for you.Here are the relevant precautions for using hedge trimmers.

Safety Precautions

The blade is extremely sharp, and incorrect operation can be highly dangerous. Never operate this hedge trimmer under the influence of alcohol, when fatigued, sleep-deprived, or when drowsy due to cold medicine. Children and individuals with disabilities are strictly prohibited from using the machine.

Avoid running the engine indoors. The exhaust gases contain harmful carbon.
Never use your hedge-trimmer under circumstance like those described below.
1.When the ground is slippery or when other conditions exist which might make it not possible to maintain a steady posture while using.
2.At night,at times of heavy fog ,or at any other times when your field of vision might be limited and it would be difficult to gain a clear view of the area.
3.During rain storms,during lightening storms ,at times of strong or gale –force winds or at any other times when weather conditions might make it unsafe to use this product .
4.Lack of sleep,tiredness or physical exhaustion results in lower attention spans ,and this in turn leads to accident and injury. Limit the amount of time of using the machine continuously to somewhere around 30~40 minutes per session, and take 10~20 minutes of rest between work sessions.Also try to keep the total amount of work performed in a single day under two hours or less.

Working gear and clothing

● When using your hedge-trimmer, you should wear proper clothing for outside operation, and protective equipment as follows
⑵protection goggles or facial protection
⑶thick work gloves
⑷non-slip-sole work boots
⑸ear protectors
● Also,you should carry with you
⑴attached tools and files
⑵properly reserved fuel
⑶steel-brush for cleaning blade
● Never use your hedge-trimmer when wearing pants with loose cuffs, when wearing sandals, or when barefoot.

Warning considering handling of fuel

The engine of this product is designed to run on a mixed fuel which contains highly flammable gasoline. You should never store cans of fuel or refill the tank in any place where there is a boiler,stove ,wood fire ,electrical sparks, welding sparks or any other source of heat or fire which might ignite the fuel.
●Smoking while operating the hedge-trimmer or refilling its fuel tank is extremely dangerous. Never doing like that.
●When refilling the tank always turn off the engine first and take a careful look around to make sure that there are no sparks or open flames anywhere nearby before refueling.
●If any fuel spillage occurs during refueling, use a dry rag to wipe up spills before turning the engine back on.
●After refueling, screw the fuel cap back tightly onto the fuel tank and then carry the hedge-trimmer to a spot three meter or more away from where it was refueled before turning on the engine.

Things to check before using your hedge-trimmer

Before beginning work, look around carefully to get a feel for the shape of the land, or grass to be trimmed, and whether or not there is any obstacle which might get in the way while working, and remove any obstacle which can be cleared away.
● Keep bystanders and animals out of the working area whose diameter is 15 meters.When work is to be performed simultaneously by two or more persons,always check for the presence and location of others so as to maintain a distance between each person sufficient to ensure safety .
● Before starting, please inspect the machine,make sure that the fuel tank ,blade ,and machine are in good condition.

●Be especially carefully to check that there is nothing wrong with the blades or with the joints by which the blades are attached to the hedge-trimmer.
● When the blade wear seriously and clutch structure have something wrong, please stop quickly for mending.
● Make sure that the handle and protective cover are in good condition.

Notes of the operation

● Grip the handles firmly with both hands when the engine is running,Always be sure to maintain a steady,even posture while working.
● When the blade is be stuck, stop quickly, restart it after cleaning.
● Never touch the spark plug and wire while the engine is in operation to prevent the electrical shock.

While operating and stopping the machine, never touch the muffler, sparkplug and other metal parts (these parts will up to high temperature),to prevent injury .
● Warning for maintenance
● Please don’t make any change of the machine, otherwise it will lead to damage to the machine.
● While removing the blade, Please wear gloves and other proper equipment, with right method.
● While changing the blade ,fuel ,grease ,please use the product specified by our company.

It is very dangerous to change the machine yourself, never do that .
We won’t warrant the machine , if you use the remodeled product

Pay attention to agitation.

●Measure out the quantities of gasoline and oil to be mixed, the ratio is 40:1.
●Put some of the gasoline into a clean ,approved fuel container.
●Pour in all of the oil and agitate well.
●Pour in the remaining gasoline and stir for at least one minute. Due to the difficulty of stirring certain oils, which depends on their composition, sufficient stirring is a necessary condition for long-term engine use. It should be noted that if the cross-section is insufficient, the risk of early piston failure will increase due to the exceptionally thin mixture.

Long time storage

●While cleaning the machine, inspect every part for damage or loose, if find, repair it before next use.
● Empty the fuel tank completely, run the engine until it stops from lack of fuel.
●Remove the spark plug and put in two stroke oil in the engine. Pull the starting ropes two to three times, replace the plug and stop it at the contraction position.
● Apply anti-rust oil to the metal parts such as the throttle wire .put the cover on the blade and keep it indoors avoiding being dam


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