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In today's busy life, people are increasingly valuing the beautification and comfort of their homes. However, creating a picturesque garden is no easy task. Traditional trimming tools are inefficient and laborious, often failing to meet the demands of modern living. Therefore, we introduce a new gardening tool - the Yeoman power hedge trimmer, designed to bring you a more relaxed and efficient garden care experience.

Comprehensive Upgrade

Our new Yeoman power hedge trimmer represents a comprehensive upgrade in terms of performance, design, and functionality. With cutting-edge technology and enhanced features, it sets a new standard in the industry.

Powerful Performance

Equipped with high-power motors and advanced cutting mechanisms, our Yeoman power hedge trimmer delivers powerful performance, allowing you to tackle even the toughest pruning tasks with ease.

Low Fuel Consumption

Despite its high performance, our Yeoman power hedge trimmer boasts low fuel consumption, ensuring efficient operation while minimizing environmental impact and operating costs.

Easy to Start

Featuring user-friendly design and innovative ignition systems, our Yeoman power hedge trimmer starts effortlessly, saving you time and effort while ensuring a smooth operation every time.

Alloy Serrations and High-Strength Gears

Constructed with alloy serrations and high-strength gears, our Yeoman power hedge trimmer delivers exceptional cutting power and durability, capable of handling thick branches with ease and ensuring long-lasting performance.

Lightweight and Shock Absorption

Designed to be lightweight yet robust, our Yeoman power hedge trimmer offers excellent stability and maneuverability. Additionally, its built-in shock absorption system reduces operator fatigue, allowing for prolonged use without discomfort.

Hedge Cutter SLP600Y


Say goodbye to the troubles brought by traditional pruning tools. With slow and inefficient pruning methods, traditional tools often result in high labor costs and fatigue. Moreover, inferior machines are prone to frequent breakdowns, causing further inconvenience and delays.


Our Yeoman power hedge trimmer is versatile, catering to various needs in different settings. Whether it's tea tree harvesting, garden pruning, road greening, gardening styling, community beautification, or community greenery maintenance, our Yeoman power hedge trimmer is the all-in-one solution.


Experience quick pruning and easy trimming of branches up to 20mm in diameter. Our Yeoman power hedge trimmer ensures efficient and continuous operation, saving you time and effort while delivering exceptional results.

Powerful Performance

Invest in our advanced Yeoman power hedge trimmer today and revolutionize your pruning experience. With its powerful performance, user-friendly design, and versatile applications, it's the ultimate tool for all your gardening needs.

Powerful Dynamics

Equipped with a large displacement and high-power engine, our Yeoman power hedge trimmer delivers powerful performance, easily coping with all kinds of branches. With the newly upgraded power system, performance has been improved with a power increase of over 30%, resulting in a more powerful burst and stable output.

Cooling Fan Two-Stroke

Our Yeoman power hedge trimmer adopts a cooling fan two-stroke engine as the core power component. We continuously test, improve, and innovate to ensure that each heart produces strong and lasting power. The internal fuel is fully burned and converted into kinetic energy, providing powerful support for pruning tasks.

With a strong magnetic ignition and a super easy start system featuring a built-in recoil self-return spring, our Yeoman power hedge trimmer ignites quickly and starts effortlessly. It's easy to operate, allowing you to start pruning without exerting much effort.

Lightweight Design

Designed with a lightweight body, our Yeoman power hedge trimmer offers good balance and is easy to handle. Its lightweight design reduces physical strain during long periods of operation. It's suitable for female workers as well.

User-Friendly Design

Equipped with a 180° rotatable handle and an auxiliary gear handle, our Yeoman power hedge trimmer provides a more convenient pruning experience. Adjust the handle angle according to your needs, easily cope with different pruning requirements, and improve pruning efficiency.


Our Yeoman power hedge trimmer not only boasts powerful dynamics and efficient performance but also prioritizes user experience and environmental sustainability. Utilizing advanced engine technology and user-friendly design, it is your ideal choice for pruning tasks, enabling you to effortlessly handle various pruning tasks, making gardening work more efficient and convenient.


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