Garden Machinery Industry Market Analysis


Environmental Awareness Drives OPE Demand Growth

1.Green Environmental Demand Promotes the Development of Garden Machinery, Stable Demand in European and North American Markets

North America and Europe constitute the largest markets for OPE demand, with the garden machinery industry originating in Europe and undergoing three development stages. The birth of the first internal combustion engine grass cutter in 1830 marked the beginning of the garden machinery industry. Over time, with the improvement of people's living standards, garden machinery gradually penetrated households in developed countries, becoming essential equipment. The development of the garden machinery industry can be summarized in the following stages:

  • Initial Stage: Primarily manual operation with products lacking power systems.
  • Second Stage: Fuel-powered products improved productivity and convenience, becoming mainstream. In an effort to reduce pollution, electric-powered products emerged, though their performance required optimization.
  • Third Stage: Growing environmental protection awareness led to questioning the use of fuel-powered products. Direct current garden machinery powered by lithium batteries was introduced. With further advancements in information technology, the future of garden machinery will move towards intelligence, unmanned operation, and the Internet of Things, opening a new development stage.

2.Continuous Growth in the Market Size of the Garden Machinery Industry

With countries intensifying ecological civilization construction, horticultural culture is gradually entering people's field of vision. It is estimated that the global market size of lawn and garden equipment will reach $39.7 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach $45.45 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of approximately 7%. Increasing consumer concern for the environmental performance of products has accelerated the demand growth for electric products. Breakthroughs in lithium battery technology, smart control technology, sensor technology, and other areas are driving the development of new products. New energy garden machinery products that are environmentally friendly, low-noise, and easy to maintain are widely favored.

3.Stable Demand in European and North American Markets, Rising Trend in the Domestic Market

Developed countries and regions such as Europe and North America have high consumer spending levels. Additionally, there is a high demand for green spaces in private residential homes and urban areas, leading to widespread applications of garden machinery products. These regions will remain the primary markets in the future. China serves as a significant production base for garden machinery products, rapidly developing in areas such as new environmentally friendly materials and automatic control technology. Simultaneously, the greening level of urban areas in the country continues to rise, with the green coverage area in urban built-up areas reaching 2.73 million hectares in 2021, achieving a coverage rate of 42.4%. The increase in garden facilities propels the demand for related equipment, indicating a promising market outlook.

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Stable Supply Chain in the Garden Machinery Industry

The upstream sector caters to raw material supplies, primarily encompassing industries such as lithium batteries, motors, controllers, electronic components, hardware, plastic particles, etc. The technology and capacity of these industries contribute to fluctuations in raw material prices, but overall supply remains stable. Downstream, there are three primary sales channels: retailers, e-commerce, and distributors. The products find applications in three types of gardens: household, public, and professional.

1.Upstream Industry Sectors

As an indispensable component of garden machinery equipment, steel is one of the primary upstream industries in the garden machinery sector. After 2020, there has been insufficient supply and demand for steel, leading to a slowdown in capacity growth.

The plastic industry, as one of China's pillar industries in light manufacturing, has experienced fluctuating growth in recent years due to factors such as the pandemic and rising oil prices. In 2022, China's plastic product output was 77.716 million tons, a 2.9% decrease compared to the previous year.

2.Automation and Intelligence as Future Directions, Continuous Enhancement of Product User Experience

China's 14th Five-Year Plan emphasizes the in-depth implementation of intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing projects to promote the high-end, intelligent, and green transformation of the manufacturing industry. Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have permeated various industries. With the support of these new technologies, new energy garden machinery products will further improve aspects such as comfort, safety, efficiency, and environmental friendliness, expanding into even more diverse usage scenarios.

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The competitive landscape of the landscaping machinery industry

The overall competitive landscape of landscape machinery products

From the perspective of market competition, the landscaping machinery industry is divided into the complete machine and component markets, and the categories of landscaping machinery are diverse, with low industry concentration and more competitors. Due to high per capita income and large green space scale, the development of the landscaping machinery industry in developed countries is relatively mature. Whether in the complete machine market or the parts market, we occupy a leading position with brand, channel, and technological advantages.

1.The main current situation In China includes two types of garden machinery manufacturers: foreign-funded enterprises and local enterprises. Foreign funded enterprises occupy the mid to high end complete machine market; Local enterprises mainly occupy the domestic mid to low-end market, and in addition to building their own brands, they also engage in OEM and ODM production for foreign enterprises. Domestic landscaping machinery manufacturers are mainly concentrated in the East China region, including provinces and cities such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, and Shandong. There are fewer enterprises in the central and western regions, and the trend of regional concentration is obvious.

2.Technical Disassembly of lawn mowing robot technology - adding lawn mowing function based on mobile robots, the core lies in algorithms. Algorithm technology mainly focuses on precise positioning and obstacle recognition: through precise positioning algorithms, it can help lawn mowers optimize their cutting routes and avoid situations of repeated and incomplete cutting; By identifying static and dynamic obstacles, it is possible to quickly avoid them, improve mowing efficiency, and ensure product safety.

3.Industry pain points: The overall penetration rate of the lawn mowing robot industry is relatively low and is still in its early stages; Some markets still have significant pain points that have not been resolved, and technology and product core functions are the main driving factors at the current stage; As product performance gradually improves to address pain points, the overall growth rate of lawn mowing robots goes far beyond that.


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