How to Choose a Suitable Remote Control Lawn Mower?

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The characteristics of remote-controlled intelligent lawn mowers

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the average lawn area in European and American countries, as well as the continuous increase in public green areas such as park lawns, football field lawns, and golf field lawns, more and more remote-controlled lawn mowers are being launched on the global market. Outdoor wheeled mobile robot remote-controlled lawn mowers with functions such as automatic lawn mowing, clearing grass debris, automatic walking, and remote control are constantly emerging in the market, and are widely used in home courtyards, public green spaces, and other places for lawn trimming and maintenance. The global market size of robot lawn mowers is showing a rapid increase, and both commercial and household markets have shown good application advantages. In 2020, the global form of health prevention and control accelerated the popularization of robot lawn mowers, and the global demand for robot lawn mowers still shows a high-speed increase trend.

With the increasing demand for landscaping and maintenance work in some countries, among various greening tasks, lawn trimming is the most arduous, not only boring, but also highly repetitive, usually requiring a large amount of manpower and material resources. Although traditional lawn mowers can achieve the purpose of cutting grass, the labor cost is too high, the cutting efficiency is too low, and the investment cost is relatively high. Compared with traditional lawn mowers, remote-controlled robot lawn mowers not only have the characteristics of cost saving and energy consumption reduction, but also can achieve lawn mowing tasks through remote control, reducing labor and time costs. They also have the advantages of safety, noise free, and high level of intelligence, and have become the main development direction of the lawn mower industry.

European and American countries have certain requirements for the stubble height of their lawns, with high coverage and labor costs for household lawns, making them the main market for the growth in demand for remote-controlled lawn mowers. Remote control lawn mowers have become the preferred choice for European and American countries due to their low daily maintenance costs, particularly high handling performance, and low labor consumption costs.

How to choose a suitable remote lawn mower

The first step in choosing a lawn mower is to understand the characteristics of the lawn. The area of the lawn will affect your choice of engine horsepower, and the characteristics of the lawn terrain determine the performance that the lawn mower should have.

Generally speaking, a 43cc or 52cc gasoline engine can fully handle the task of weeding small lawns. The engine suitable for this type of lawn must have the characteristics of stable starting and reliable performance. The handheld engine does not require much maintenance and is suitable for small area weeding. It starts smoothly and conveniently.

For medium-sized lawns, a 24V500W pure electric remote control lawn mower is more suitable. Due to the proportional relationship between weeding area and electric power, when choosing a lawn mower, please be sure to pay attention to the durability and working time limit of the battery.

Large areas of lawns must be equipped with high-power engines, such as gasoline electric hybrid single bar 4-stroke engines (YM 500/YM 500W/YM800/YM1000, etc.). Using a low-power lawn mower to tidy up large areas of lawn not only causes damage to the equipment, but also reduces its service life.

For simple lawns with gentle slopes and few corners, it is recommended to use a hybrid oil electric remote control lawn mower with climbing function. One essential feature of an excellent remote-controlled lawn mower is its easy start-up. For lawns with uneven ground and obstacles, it is required that the lawn mower has good directional control performance. The self-propelled lawn mower can move easily and freely, and the oil electric hybrid remote control lawn mower is also relatively easy to operate. In this case, we provide four-wheel drive and differential steering functions for your remote lawn mower. Not only is it powerful, but it also saves fuel. In addition, he can also achieve electric power drive during idle time (without mowing), which can effectively reduce air emissions, reduce fuel consumption, and achieve the goal of reducing usage costs.

Precautions for using remote-controlled lawn mowers:

Remote control lawn mowers should be maintained and serviced in daily life. Only with proper maintenance and upkeep can the service life of a remote-controlled lawn mower increase. Below, YEOMAN lawn mower manufacturer has compiled the precautions for using remote-controlled lawn mowers:

  • The lawn mower should be in ample sunlight, and the grass should be relatively dry.
  • Eliminate items within the region that are likely to damage the blade, such as stones, tree techniques, and small toys.
  • Pay close attention to children, monitors, and small pets, without letting them get close.
  • Do not adjust the height to width ratio of the lawn mower, remove the grass outlet, or disassemble the planting bag while the engine is still running.
  • Never extend or repair a lawn mower with the car engine already running.
  • Do not turn off the control lever. Their settings are for better your safety.

Structural Design of Intelligent Mower

The remote-controlled intelligent lawn mower has automatic walking function, collision prevention, safety detection, and certain climbing ability, especially suitable for lawn trimming and maintenance in home courtyards, public green spaces, and other places. It can be manually controlled to achieve lawn mowing work, with high efficiency, long standby time, exquisite and beautiful appearance, greatly reducing manual operation.

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1. Security protection:

  • To protect the machine, it will automatically stop operating in the event of the following four erroneous operations. All stop operations involve first stopping the blade operation and then stopping the tire.
  • When the machine operates and cuts small obstacles such as hard stones, the current of the machine will exceed the set value. When the current exceeds the set value, in order to protect the machine, the machine is set to automatically stop operating.
  • When the grass is thick, the lawn mower needs to use a larger current to operate. If the current exceeds a certain set value, the machine will also stop operating.
  • When a child accidentally lifts the head or tail of a working lawn mower, the internal connection point of the machine is disconnected, causing it to stop operating.
  • When the grass is uneven, the front wheels of the lawn mower may simultaneously leave the sensor, causing the lawn mower to stop operating to protect the machine.

2. No need for tool replacement and adjustment

The lawn mower is equipped with a height adjuster and a scale, which can manually adjust the height of the lawn mower, eliminating the trouble of removing the upper cover and allowing for precise adjustment of the height of the lawn mower.

3. Remote control function

All lawn mowers will be equipped with a visual remote control controller, which can be digitally controlled through the screen or remotely operated by using the remote control handle.


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