Earth Auger Precautions and Maintenance

earth auger

Earth auger, a type of outdoor landscaping machinery, is mainly used for excavation work on hard soil/slopes/sandy areas. It has advantages in application scenarios such as frozen soil and ice soil, and is an indispensable and important tool in fields such as landscaping, tree planting, and road construction. Earth auger can excavate 100-400mm pits according to the size and size of the drill bit, and can dig 80 pits per hour, which is more than 30 times the efficiency of manual operation.

With the continuous popularization of Earth auger applications, the assembly the maintenance, storage, and safety precautions of earth auger are urgently needed. Below, we will explain them in sections for everyone.

Assembly of earth auger
After we purchase a new earth auger product, you will definitely encounter the problem of how to assemble it. The following video will help you solve this problem. Please follow the steps in the video and learn how to assemble the earth auger step by step. Do not assemble it randomly. Please protect yourself during the installation process and keep yourself alert at all times to avoid injuring yourself


  • AIR FILTER-Every 25 hours, remove the cover and the filter. The filter should be washed with petrol and dried before refitting its.
  • CARBURETOR-Screw must be adjusted so that the engine promptly responds to sharp accelerations and gives good idle operation and gives maximum power during the cutting phase.Idle screw is adjusted in order to ensure a good safety margin between idle turning and clutch engagement.
  • Important– Weather conditions and altitude may affect carburation.
  • FUEL FILTER-Check the fuel filter periodically. Replace it if too dirty . A dirty filter can cause difficult starting and lower engine performance.
  • ENGINE-Clean the cylinder fins with compressed air or a brush periodically. Dangerous overheating of engine may occur due to impurities on the cylinder.
  • SPARK PLUG-Remove the spark plug cover, unscrew the spark plug.Clean the spark plug if carbon deposit is found.
    Polish the electrode with abrasive paper and adjust the electrode gap to 0.6-0.7mm .
  • BIT -Always check the drill bit. Sharpen or replace it if necessary.The removable impact bit and the nonremovable blade can be bought from the manufacturer.Check and repair the blade regularly . Or contact the dealer to replace.
  • REDUCTION GERABOX-Every 100 working hours change the grease in the reduction gearbox .


  • Follow all the maintenance procedures described previously.
  • If storing for a long period of time,clean the power drill completely and grease the metallic part.
  • Remove , clean and oil the bit to prevent rusting.
  • Empty the fuel tank and put the cap back on.
  • Remove the spark plug and pour a small amount of oil into the cylinder .
  • Pull the starting rope several times,rotate the crankshaft to distribute the oil. Put the spark plug back in.
  • Wrap the engine in a plastic sheet.
  • Stroke the power drill in a dry place, preferably off the ground and away from heat sources.

Safety Precautions of earth auger

(1) The power drill must only be used by adults in good physical condition with knowledge of the operating instructions.
(2) - Do not operate the power drill when you are tired or fatigued or under the effect of alcohol and drugs.
(3) - Never wear scarves, bracelets or anything else which could be taken up by the machine or bit. Wear close-fitting safety clothing.
(4) - Wear protective non-slip safety shoes, gloves, glasses, ear protection and safety helmet.
(5) - Do not allow other people to remain in the operating range of the power drill while starting, carburation and utilise.
(6) - Do not start working until you have a clear work area. Do not work near electric cables.
(7) - Only use the power drill in well-ventilated places, do not operate the power drills in explosive or flammable atmospheres or in closed environments
(8) - Carry the power drill with the engine stopped, with its bit removed.
(9) - Replace the bit immediately if any cracks or other damage are present.
(10) - Use the mixture of 90# gasoline and 2stroke engine oil(50:1~25:1)
(11) - Fill the tank away from sources of heat and with the engine stopped. Never smoke while filling.
(12) - Never take the cap off the tank when the engine is running. If fuel spills over while filling,move the power drills at least 3 metres away before starting.
(13) - Always keep the handles dry and clean
(14)- Before starting make sure the bit is not obstructed
(15)- Always work in firm-footed and safe position
(16)- Never touch the bit or carry out maintenance while the engine is running
(17)- Make sure that the bit does not turn when the engine is idling
(18)- Grip the power drill firmly with both hands ;keep all parts of the body away from the bit and muffler.
(19)- Never attempt to carry out servicing or repairs that are not part of the routine maintenance. Call specialised and authorised workshops only.
(20)- Store the power drill off the ground in a vertical position in a dry place and with fuel tank empty.
(21)- Check the power drill each day to ensure that each device, whether for safety or otherwise, is functional.
(22)- Transport the power drill during working from one place to another with the engine idling.
(23)- Never use a damaged ,modified, or improperly repaired or assembled power drill. Do not remove, damage or disactivate any of the safety devices. Only use bit of the type indicated in the table.
(24)- Never touch the spark plug cover or wire while the engine is in operation. Doing so could result in electrical shock.
(25)- Do not use the power drill until you have completely understood the specific operating methods. Always follow the manufacturer’s instruction for the maintenance operations.
(26)- After the engine starts or before it stops,allow it run 2~3 minutes at a low speed without any load. Avoid to run at a full throttle without any load. Never stop the engine suddenly at high speed.
(27)- After engine starts,never touch the muffler and the cylinder. Doing so could result in serious burns.
(28)- If your power drill is no longer usable, disposed of it properly without damaging the environment by handing it in to your local Dealer who will arrange for its correct disposal.
(29)- Only loan your power drill to expert user who are completely familiar with power drills operation and correct use. Give other users the manual with operating instruction, which they should read before using the power drills.
(30)- All saw service, other than the operations shown in the present manual, should be performed by competent personnel.
(31)- Keep this manual on hand and consult it before each use of tool
(32)- Check,adjust,repair and clean the machine regularly. When replacing parts, please use the tools specified by our company.


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