The Shandong -Uzbekistan Samarkand Cooperation Conference in Jinan


Leaders of Yeoman Power were invited to attend the shandong-Uzbekistan Samarkand Exchange Conference. As leaders in the garden machinery industry, we will adhere to the principles of innovative development and green agriculture, making a meaningful contribution to advancing the development of the garden industry in both China and Uzbekistan.

The cooperation and exchange conference between Shandong Province, China, and the Samarkand Region, Uzbekistan, was held at the Shandong Building in Jinan at December 13th. The event aimed to better serve and integrate into the joint construction of the "the Belt and Road." The representatives from both sides engaged in in-depth discussions and exchanges on practical cooperation in the fields of trade, hardware, agriculture, industrial machinery, mining, and culture, striving to achieve new and greater outcomes in bilateral exchanges and cooperation.

The meeting was attended by Shandong Provincial Party Secretary Lin Wu, Ambassador of Uzbekistan to China Aljijev Farhod, and Governor Turtimov Elkinrung of Samarkand Region, who delivered speeches.

Liu Wu, representing the Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Government, warmly welcomed the guests. He stated that China and Uzbekistan are good friends, partners, and brothers. President Xi Jinping and President Mirziyoyev have successfully met several times this year, strategically planning the development of bilateral relations and guiding local exchanges between the two countries. In September of last year, Shandong Province established friendly relations with the Samarkand Region. In September of this year, a successful delegation from Shandong Province visited the Samarkand Region, marking new progress in bilateral exchanges and cooperation. Today's cooperation and exchange meeting will undoubtedly lead to new and greater achievements in mutual cooperation. Shandong has been actively implementing President Xi Jinping's important directives this year, accelerating the construction of a pilot zone for green, low-carbon, and high-quality development. The province's economic and social development is showing a positive trend, and, like the entire nation, Shandong's economic recovery and long-term improvement remain unchanged. We are confident and determined to carry out various tasks in economic and social development. In the new era, Shandong is full of development opportunities and has a bright future, laying a solid foundation for the deepening mutual cooperation between the two provinces and regions. Shandong is willing to work closely with Samarkand Region, promoting economic and trade exchanges, deepening industrial zone construction, enhancing people-to-people connections, and jointly composing a new chapter of win-win cooperation.

In their speeches, Ambassador Aljijev Farhod and Governor Turtimov Elkinrung expressed that China-Uzbekistan exchanges have a long history, and under the joint promotion of the leaders of the two countries, China-Uzbekistan relations are at the best level in history. The holding of this cooperation and exchange conference will positively promote the deepening of exchanges and cooperation between the two provinces and regions. Shandong, as China's economic powerhouse, is a priority direction for cooperation with Samarkand Region, with broad prospects for cooperation. It is hoped that both sides will further strengthen exchanges, deepen cooperation in trade, industry, agriculture, and cultural tourism, and promote mutual benefit and win-win results.

Regarding the recent years' cooperation and exchanges between Shandong and Samarkand Region in trade, investment, agriculture, industrial machinery, and other fields, Governor Turtimov Elkinrung stated, "Shandong and Samarkand Region have achieved excellent cooperation results in equipment manufacturing, power construction, infrastructure, and industrial machinery. Through cooperation with Shandong, our industrial machinery and agricultural equipment are accelerating."

As a prominent player in Shandong Province, Yeoman Power has consistently held a pivotal role in the garden machinery sector, leveraging its formidable technical prowess and superior product quality. The invitation to participate in the Uzbekistan Exchange Conference signifies our commitment to strengthening and deepening the amicable ties between China and Uzbekistan in the garden machinery industry, with a dedicated focus on achieving notable outcomes in industrial cooperation.

At this conference, Yeoman Power's products, including brush cutters, chain saws, leaf blower,hedge trimmer,earth auger,backpack sprayer,received unanimous praise from attendees in Uzbekistan. As seasoned professionals with 12 years of experience in the garden machinery industry, our products find extensive applications in Uzbekistan's farms and forests. They garnered high acclaim from the Chamber of Commerce in Samarkand Region, providing us with ample opportunities for offline collaboration.

Yeoman Power specializes in garden tools and the lithium OPE industry, evolving from a comprehensive industrial base into a core technology innovation enterprise that integrates R&D, design, production, and sales. The YEOMAN brand is dedicated to offering digital, green, and intelligent system solutions. We are accelerating the research and development of intelligent garden robots, aligning with the trajectory of AI technology and innovatively applying new energy to empower a wide range of home and commercial scenarios.

As a highlight enterprise at the exchange conference, Yeoman Power garnered significant attention from both domestic and international media in Uzbekistan. Multiple media outlets lauded our technological innovation and efficient management in the garden machinery field, further solidifying Yeoman Power's brand image in the global market.

Participating actively in technical seminars and exchanges during the conference, our experts engaged in insightful discussions with Uzbek counterparts, sharing the latest advancements in garden machinery research and development. The emphasis was on the application of innovative technologies to advance environmental sustainability, reflecting our dedication to addressing global challenges such as labor shortages, climate change, and sustainable human development.

Through the Shandong Province-Uzbekistan Samarkand Region Cooperation and Exchange Conference, Yeoman Power showcased China's garden machinery industry's exceptional strength, providing an expansive platform for technological exchange and industrial cooperation between the two nations. The company's leadership affirmed that Yeoman Power will persist in the ethos of innovative development, continually propelling the prosperity and growth of the garden machinery industry in both China and Uzbekistan.


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