Knapsack Gasoline Sprayer Use and Maintenance

Electric Backpack Sprayer

Main uses

Knapsack power sprayer is portable, flexible and high-efficient equipment for use in
prevention of plant diseases and controlling pests in large plantations and crop fields where cotton,
wheat, paddy, fruit trees, etc. are planted. It can also be used for applying herbicides, sanitation
and epidemic and prevention, spreading granular fertilizer and granular chemicals, etc. This
machine can also be suited for use in mountain area, hilly land and old pieces of land.

Main Features

  1. The main parts of the machine are all made of plastic, so the machine has light weight.
  2. The construction design of the machine is unique. The parts contacted with chemical are all
    made of reinforced plastic or stainless steel, thus it has the property of anti-corrosion and long life
    in use.
  3. The dimensions of the mouth on the chemical tank is big, thus to fill the chemical is easy and
    chemical in bags can be directly poured into the hole.
  4. The dimension of lower part of the frame is bigger and the center of gravity of the machine is
    low, so the stability of the machine is good.
  5. Recoil starting engine is adopted, so it is easy for operation. There are protective structures for
    the high temperature components and it is safe for use.
  6. The rotating structure is used in the connection between hose and fan casing, it is easy for
    operating. The hose has long life in use.


Protective clothing

(1)Wear flanged cap.
(2)Wear dirt/fog-proof glasses.
(3)Wear gauze mask.
(4)Wear long gloves.
(5)Wear cost guarding against poisons.
(6)Wear boots.

Avert fire

(1)Do not fire or smoke nearby the machine.
(2)Never refuel the machine when it is hot or running.
(3)Never pour fuel on the machine. If you do, clean them off.
(4)Always tighten the fuel tank lid.
(5)Always move at least 10 feet away from the fuel
container before starting the machine.


(1) It is fine to carry out operation during cool weatherwith little wind. For example: in the early morning or in the late afternoon. This can reduce the evaporation and drift of chemicals and improve the protecting effect.
(2) Operation should move windward.
(3) If your mouth or eyes are spattered with chemicals, wash them with clean water and then go to see doctor.
(4) If the operator has a headache or dizziness, stop working at once and go to see the doctor in time.
(5) For the operator’s safety, missing/dusting must be carried out strictly according to the instruction of the chemicals and agricultural requirements.
(6)The operator should obey the instructions on the label when preparing the pesticide.
(7)It is prohibited to use the special fluid, such as the strong acids or alkali, etc.

Troubles and Remedies

Engine starts difficultly or can not start.
Check if the sparking plug has sparked-over. Screw down the sparking plug; put the side pole to touch the cylinder. Full the starter and watch between the poles of sparking plug whether there are sparks. Pull the starter carefully; do not touch the metal part of sparking plug for prevention of getting an electric shock.

Technical Maintenance and Deposit for a Long Time

1.Technical maintenance on spraying assembly

(1) After spraying, clean out any residual spray mixture or dust in the chemical tank. Wash the tank and all other parts.
(2) After dusting or granules spreading, clean the dust gate and chemical tank inside and outside.
(3) After operation, loosen the chemical tank lid.
(4) After cleaning, the machine runs at low speed for 2—3 minutes.

2.Maintenance on fuel system

(1) The fuel mix with dust or water is one of main cause of the engine trouble, so the fuel system should be cleaned very often.
(2) If the residual fuel remains in the fuel tank and carburetor for a long time, the residual fuel would be glued and the fuel circuit clogged, thus causing the engine not to working properly. So as the machine works for one week. All of the fuel should be discharged.

3.Maintenance on air filter and sparking plug

(1) After the operation each day, wash the filter, if the chemicals adhere to sponge, it would deduce the engine power, please pay attention especially.
(2) After wash the sponge with petrol, squeeze the petrol then fix the sponge in.
(3) The suitable clearance of sparking plug is 0.6—0.7mm,please check the clearance often, if it is too big or too small,
adjust it properly.
(4) If it is necessary for change the sparking plug model, you may buy it form local agricultural machinery department or plant protection department.

4.Deposit for along time

(1) Clean the outside of the machine. Coat the anti-rust oil to the surface of metal.
(2) Take down the sparking plug. Feed 15—20g mobile oil into cylinder, the mobile oil should be specially used for two-stroke petrol engine. Raise the piston to upper terminal point, then fix 0.6-0.7mmsparking plug.
(3) Screw out the two wing screws. Take off the machine tank. Clean the dust gate and the surface inside and outside of chemical tank. If the residual chemical remains in the dust gate, the dust gate will not properly and the leakage of dust will occur seriously. Then fit the chemical tank on and the loosen the tank lid.
(4) Take off the spray unit and wash it and then store additionally.
(5) Should discharge all the fuel in the fuel tank and carburetor.
(6) Cover the machine with plastic membrane and deposit it at dry and no dust place.


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