What Are The Tools for Landscaping ?


With the development of the economy and the need for urbanization, countries around the world have increasingly high requirements for people's living environment, and they are paying more and more attention to landscape greening. Landscape greening has become an essential part of improving people's living environment and decorating urban roads, parks, and communities. However, landscaping and greening are not achieved overnight. It not only includes the planting of vegetation, but also requires people to maintain and manage the appearance and shape of vegetation in the later stage.

We often see garden workers maintaining the green plants in the road park community, cutting the shapes of some shrubs and trees into a neat and uniform appearance. The various exquisite shapes and beautiful appearances of these plants are all trimmed by garden greening tools. The emergence of this effect is the result of summarizing the experience of landscaping workers, and also has high requirements for landscaping tools. A reasonable landscaping and maintenance plan not only tests the planner's understanding of landscaping tools, but also requires landscaping workers to have an understanding of various aspects of the budget. This is not only our longing for a better life, but also a necessary process to enhance our knowledge in landscaping.

What are the types of landscaping plants?

Common green plants include evergreen coniferous trees, deciduous coniferous trees, evergreen broad-leaved trees, evergreen broad-leaved trees, etc. Among them, shrub plants are widely used in road, garden, and courtyard flower and grass planting due to their easy pruning and beautiful appearance in landscaping. In terms of green maintenance and management, it is important to understand the characteristics and characteristics of planting types and various varieties, and focus on the maintenance and management of fertilizer, water, disease, insects, and pruning.

Some common coniferous shrubs, including cypress, fir, and pine, belong to natural dwarfing habits, such as some common plants in the genera Platycladus, Yew, Juniper, and pine. Commonly used in gardens for slope protection, hedges, or decoration in corners, roadsides, forest edges, etc. More than 200 dwarf varieties of cypress have been cultivated, most of which are native to Chinese cypress. And another part of the pine and cypress trees were cultivated using inoculation techniques later on, which can maintain their shrubbery for a long time. So coniferous shrubs have a special ornamental value and have been used as garden plants in many countries.

Requirements for landscape greening.

Landscape greening has certain requirements for the maintenance of the flowers, plants, and trees planted.

  1. It is required that the shape of the trees planted should not only be beautiful but also neat, and there should be no dead branches or leaves in between to ensure their good growth momentum.
  2. For the planted grass, it is not only necessary to ensure that there are basically no weeds, but also to ensure that the environment in which the grass grows is free of stones and other debris that hinder its growth. Regular pruning work should also be carried out to ensure its neatness and beauty.
  3. Regularly water and fertilize plants for landscaping to ensure their proper nutrition and healthy growth.
  4. It is necessary to have sufficient understanding of garden greening tools to ensure that they can accurately and quickly select greening tools that meet environmental requirements under different vegetation and environmental requirements.

Budget for landscaping and greening.

To make a budget for landscaping, it is first necessary to know what landscaping includes and in what areas it requires investment, in order to make a good budget. The budget for landscaping includes labor costs, material costs, which are the prices of various seedlings to be planted, as well as mechanical costs, among others. Because landscaping is not done after planting is completed, and maintenance is necessary afterwards, otherwise various plants cannot grow normally. Therefore, there is also the cost of greening maintenance.

Firstly, the labor cost has been determined. After determining the area of landscaping, the approximate number of working hours required can be calculated. For example, if the required number of working hours is 1600, then 20 workers should be hired to work 8 hours a day. This way, the preliminary work can be completed in about ten days. Of course, it can also be arranged according to the needs. Currently, approximately 20 yuan per working hour needs to be paid to the workers, So the total labor cost is 1600 times 20.

Next is the material cost, as the name suggests, which refers to the flowers, plants, and trees that need to be planted in the garden. Firstly, let's establish the framework of the entire garden by planting trees at a distance of about three meters on each side of the path. The transplantation of trees usually comes with soil balls, making it easier to survive. These trees cost around 200 to 1000 yuan, depending on their size. Small shrubs are usually planted under trees, which are relatively inexpensive and can be counted together with the trees. Another indispensable thing is the lawn. The price of the lawn is calculated based on the area, and it is easy to survive after planting, so there is no need to worry about it.

Then there is the cost of garden tools, which includes not only the tools used when transplanting vegetation, but also the garden greening tools needed for vegetation maintenance, such as a brush cutter, a hedge cutter, a ground drill used when planting trees, an agricultural spray used to spray pesticides on plants, and a hair dryer used to blow leaves when falling leaves. Of course, the cost of these small machinery is relatively low. Yeoman Power's irrigation machines range from $45 to $55, while multifunctional machines cost $125 to $135. Although you may feel that it is an expense when purchasing, you know that investment in this area is necessary and essential for long-term vegetation protection.

What are the tools for landscaping and greening?

1.brush cutter

brush cutter

Many landscaping tools nowadays use mechanized tools, which are very convenient and effortless. For example, some of the common garden and greening tools we use include brush cutters, multifunctional brush cutters, backpack brush cutters, and side mounted brush cutters. These tools can be used to cut and manage common soft vegetation.

2.Hedge Trimmer

hedge trimmer

High branch vegetation cleaning tools mainly include hedge trimmers, high branch shears, high branch saws, chainsaws, branch shears, ordinary small leaf shears, large grass shears, vigorous shears, and so on. These tools are commonly used for pruning large areas of garden hedges, tree hedges, etc., and are suitable for professional pruning of tea leaves, parks, gardens, roadside hedges, and other garden greening aspects. Relying on the gasoline engine as the power to drive the blade cutting and rotation.

3.Agriculture Spray machine

electric sprayer

The agriculture spray is divided into electric spray and gasoline powered spray. These two products are distinguished according to different power. The former uses batteries as power, while the latter relies on fuel to provide kinetic energy for the engine. In addition, agriculture spray can not only be used for landscaping, but also be widely used for general industrial equipment, medical equipment, chemical equipment, special vehicles, ships, vehicles, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, etc.

4.Ground drill & earth auger

earth auger

Widely used in slope, sandy, and hard soil for seedling landscaping projects, digging pits for planting, and excavating the periphery of large trees; Fence pile excavation; Fertilizing and digging holes for fruit trees and other trees, as well as cultivating and weeding in landscaping projects. Liberate people from heavy physical labor. Powerful with a beautiful appearance, comfortable operation, low labor intensity, suitable for various terrains, high efficiency, convenient for carrying and outdoor field operations.

5.leaf blower & snow blower

leaf blower

There are mainly three types of road blower: backpack type leaf blower, hand push leaf blower, and car mounted type leaf blower, each with its own characteristics, and they are mainly one of the road maintenance equipment.At the same time, the leaf blower can also achieve blowing leaves, snow, barbecue, and fire. The accumulation of snow on the planting greenhouse can affect its service life, and a backpack style leaf blower can be used for blowing.

The above is an analysis of the budget for landscaping and the types of landscaping tools. If you have a need for landscaping tools or would like to learn more about landscaping budgeting, please contact us for the most professional and timely quotations and solutions.


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