YM330M-Revolutionizing Your Garden Experience


Are you still grappling with traditional harvesting methods?

Does the tedious task of mowing and weeding drain your time and energy?

Look no further! Introducing Yeoman Lightweight Gasoline Brush Cutter YM330M, a multi-function powerhouse designed to redefine your garden experience.

Performance, Quality, Technology

Yeoman brush cutter sets a new standard with six remarkable advancements in performance, quality, and technology. From fuel economy to high power, lightweight design to efficient operation, shock absorption to low noise, the YM330m stands out as the epitome of excellence in farm and garden machinery.

Application Scenarios

Equipped with a variety of cutter heads, the YM330m adapts effortlessly to different tasks. Whether you need to mow grass with ease, trim branches, or tackle tough weeds, our machine has you covered. From effortless grass mowing to reinforced cutting heads for versatile use, the YM330m ensures unmatched performance in every scenario.

1E36F-2GN Engine

Equipped with an 1E36F-2GN engine, the YM330m ensures consistent power output and effortless grass mowing. Its high-power horizontal bar air-cooled two-stroke engine delivers unmatched performance, making every task a breeze.


Designed to withstand extreme temperatures without faltering, the YM330m can operate continuously for up to 72 hours. Its enlarged heat vents ensure optimal performance even in harsh conditions, guaranteeing longevity and reliability.


Featuring a high-power gasoline tank made of national standard aluminum alloy, the YM330m boasts extended life and can tackle high-intensity work effortlessly. With just one tank of gasoline, you can operate continuously for 3 hours, making it the perfect companion for demanding tasks.

Fuel Efficiency

With an imported piston ensuring full fuel combustion, the YM330m guarantees low fuel consumption and savings of up to 20%. Its efficient design allows you to operate for 1 hour with just 7 cents worth of gasoline, making it both economical and environmentally friendly.

Power and Efficiency

With powerful torque and high efficiency, the YM330m ensures smooth operation at high speeds, saving you time and improving work efficiency. It's the perfect replacement for manual labor, making even the toughest jobs easier. Say goodbye to backaches and fatigue – the YM330m makes every task effortless and enjoyable.

Hand Oil Pump Device with Air Purification Oil Injector

Yeoman YM330m adopts a hand oil pump device equipped with an air purification oil injector. This advanced system ensures that only clean and fresh fuel enters the carburetor, making it easy to start. With this feature, say goodbye to troublesome starting issues and enjoy smooth operation every time.

Conveniently Located Air Filters

Equipped with strategically positioned air filters, the YM330m reduces maintenance costs and engine wear. The convenient locations allow quick inspection of the air filter condition for replacement and cleaning. This design ensures optimal engine performance and long-term usage, saving you time and expenses on maintenance.

Automatic Reset Stop Switch

The automatic reset stop switch effectively prevents the operator from forgetting to operate the switch when starting the brush cutter. This ensures safe and reliable operation, giving users more confidence during use.

Durable Metal Base Plate

Yeoman YM330m is equipped with a durable metal base plate that effectively protects the engine and fuel tank from damage. This robust construction ensures long-term usage, providing reliable performance even in harsh environments.

Forged Three-Piece Crankshaft

Unlike traditional cast iron constructions, the YM330m features a forged three-piece crankshaft design. This innovative design uses fewer moving parts, making the engine stronger, more durable, reliable, and balanced. The enhanced strength and durability of the crankshaft significantly extend the engine's service life, ensuring long-term reliability.

Comfortable and Labor-Saving Handle

Yeoman YM330m features a comfortable and labor-saving handle, providing comfortable operation and reducing work fatigue. This ergonomic design ensures user operate efficiently and comfortably even during prolonged use.

Quality Assurance and Certification

The YM330m has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its quality and performance meet the highest standards. We have a deep commitment to quality, and the brush cutter has undergone extensive testing and quality control measures, surpassing expectations.

Additionally, the YM330m has received CE, EMC, GS testing certification, further validating its quality and safety standards. This certification provides users with confidence, knowing they are using a reliable and certified product to meet their landscaping or agricultural needs.


Experience the future of farming and gardening with the Lightweight Gasoline Brush Cutter YM330m. Designed to tackle any farming task with ease, this multi-function brush cutter is the ultimate tool for your gardens, offering durability, reliability, and unmatched convenience. Say goodbye to manual labor and inefficiency – upgrade to the YM330m today and revolutionize your landscaping experience.


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